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October 15, 2019

272 Milan and Kathy Yerkovich “How We Love” REBEL Parenting

A great program about marriage & how to make it even better!

October 14, 2019

271 REBEL Commentary "Bullies & Authority" REBEL Parenting

Ryan talks about his trip to CA & meeting Adam Carolla. What to do about bullies and how & why to teach your kids about authority. Also, is college worth it?

October 11, 2019

270 Scott Vaudrey “Renovating Relationships” REBEL Parenting

Working on your relationships with or without your spouse is possible and often times necessary. Don't lose hope, you can work on a relationship by yourself!

October 09, 2019

269 'Mom's on the Mic' with Jodie Berndt “Powerful Prayers for Your Kids!” REBEL Parenting

Maybe the most powerful tool we can use is prayer

October 08, 2019

268 'Mom's on the Mic' with Julia Sadler “Pray Big Things” REBEL Parenting

Infertility and overcoming loss and disappointment while believing the Lord has BIG things for you on today's episode!

October 07, 2019

267 Monday Morning Quick Take REBEL Parenting

Ryan talks about his antelope hunt and the first HomeSafe. event!

October 04, 2019

266 John and Korey Cooper of Skillet REBEL Parenting

Life on the road as spouses & parents, a new album & a new graphic novel!!

October 02, 2019

265 Rachel Marie Martin MOTM “The Brave Art of Motherhood” REBEL Parenting

Overcoming the shame & fear in being a mom!

October 01, 2019

264 - MOTM Sharon Jaynes “Sexual Intimacy” REBEL Parenting

This Mom's On the Mic episode talks about SEX!! One of the most viewed programs of the year! Don't miss out!

September 30, 2019

263 Monday Morning Quick Take REBEL Parenting

NSNG, Laura had a Birthday party, Greta Thunberg, Expectations in Marriage, Chick-fil-A doubles in size, We're Cancer Free!! & Home Safe has it's first event!

September 27, 2019

262 MOTM Caroline Harries “Infertility/Moms in the Making” REBEL Parenting

Dealing with infertility can be super painful, Caroline speaks with Laura & Kristin on hope when it feels like it isn't there.

September 25, 2019

261 Kirk Cameron “More Help with Screens” REBEL Parenting

One of my all time favorite people, Kirk Cameron, back to help parents with the battle of the screens!

September 24, 2019

260 Dr. Ken Wilgus “Feeding the Mouth that Bites You” REBEL Parenting

How to get through the hurdles of letting go and teaching your kids to be adults! This guy is AMAZING!!

September 23, 2019

258 REBEL Commentary "No Sugar, Climate Protest, Political Convos. Perdue, How to Love Being A Parent" REBEL Parenting

Ryan weighs in on civil political conversations, Perdue filing for bankruptcy while hiding billions, His first week without sugar & grain, the Climate Protest and practical ways to love parenting more!

September 20, 2019

258 Mom's On the Mic with Becky Kopitzke “The Cranky Mom Fix” REBEL Parenting

No mom wants to be cranky and so many feel guilty for being cranky, let's talk about how to fix it : )

September 18, 2019

257 Toni and Alisa DiLorenzo “Let’s Talk about Sex!” REBEL Parenting

Everyone wants to talk about sex, few are willing. We are some of the few. Dive into a great episode about SEX!!

September 17, 2019

256 Winifred M. Reilly “It Takes One to Tango” REBEL Parenting

Working on a bad marriage by yourself can actually work!!

September 17, 2019

255 REBEL Commentary "Moving Forward" REBEL Parenting

You're either moving forward or backwards. There is no neutral.