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190 Carrie Wilkerson "The Barefoot Executive" REBEL Parenting

May 16, 2019

Carrie is one of the most positive people I know and she totally brings "it" on today's episode!

189 Shauna Shanks “A Fierce Love” REBEL Parenting

May 14, 2019

You don't have to get divorced... Amazing hope for those struggling

188 Ben Courson “Depression and Anxiety” “Optimisfits”

May 12, 2019

An uplifting conversation about anxiety & depression? YES! Ben is amazing & has so much to share!!

187 Marnie Ferree “Sex Addiction" REBEL Parenting

May 8, 2019

Sex Addiction doesn't only affect men, women struggle as well.

186 Kristen Welch “Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World” REBEL Parenting

May 6, 2019

No one wants to raise an "entitled" kid, parents talk & worry about it all the time. Breathe easy as we discuss some practical ways to rase grateful kids in today's world

185 Help Club for Moms REBEL Parenting

May 3, 2019

Ryan & Laura talk to the presidents of Help Club for Moms and discuss issues effecting moms today

184 REBEL Dad's Podcast Neil Harmon VidAngel / Fatherhood REBEL Parenting

April 29, 2019

Neil Harmon Co-President of VidAngel talks with Ryan about his film series and fatherhood from the NRB convention

183 Sally & Nathan Clarkson “Different” REBEL Parenting

April 29, 2019

Sally & her son Nathan join Ryan & Laura to talk about autism and what it's like to be "different." Amazing broadcast!

182 Joshua and Christi Straub “What am I feeling?” REBEL Parenting

April 26, 2019

How to talk to your kids about their feelings!

177 REBEL Dad's Podcast Dallas Jenkins "The Chosen" REBEL Parenting

April 25, 2019

Dallas Jenkins joins Ryan at NRB to discuss "The Chosen" and fatherhood

181 Shannan Martin "Keep Going When Plans Don't Go Your Way" REBEL Parenting

April 24, 2019

“Shannan’s story feels at once familiar and spectacular, ordinary and exceptional. You will discover that at the same time her words make you squirm, you will wish you lived next door to her. You will want her wisdom and you…

180 Quick Take "How to Stop Habitual Fights & Get What You Want" REBEL Parenting

April 22, 2019

Ryan & Laura talk about "code words" & "By When" to help you better communicate with your spouse & stop the nagging in your marriage.

179 Tricia Rhodes "Unplugging & Reconnecting with God & Family" REBEL Parenting

April 19, 2019

How to unplug & get refocused on being present with God & family

178 Stephen Arterburn “The Mediterranean Love Plan” REBEL Parenting

April 17, 2019

Stephen is back to dig deeper into this amazing book that will definitely spice up your marriage!

176 Have More Fun- Mandy Arioto "Mom's On the Mic!" REBEL Parenting

April 12, 2019

Mom's On the Mic with guest Mandy Arioto

175 Tara Owens “Embracing the Body” REBEL Parenting

April 10, 2019

What is God trying to do through your skin and bones? Spiritual director Tara Owens invites you to listen to your thoughts about your body in a way that draws you closer to God, calling you to explore how your spirituality i…

174 Christopher Yuan "How to Love & Live with Our Gay Friends & Family" REBEL Parenting

April 8, 2019

Christopher Yuan helps us think differently about those the LGBTW people in our lives

173 Dave & Anne Wilson "Vertical Marriage" REBEL Parenting

April 6, 2019

Amazing couple! Great story & tons of wisdom for upgrading your marriage

171 Crystal Evans Hurst "She's Still There" REBEL Parenting

April 3, 2019

What to do when you're feeling lost

170 Lysa Terkeurst ”It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way” REBEL Parenting

March 29, 2019

Lysa is AMAZING on getting through hard times in marriage!

169 Mark and Lisa Scandrette “Belonging and Becoming” REBEL Parenting

March 26, 2019

Sometimes we lose our way in parenting & marriage. Mark & Lisa Scandrette talk about creating a new vision for your family

167 REBEL Dad's Podcast Larry Hagner of The Dad Edge Podcast REBEL Parenting

March 22, 2019

Amazing podcaster Larry Hagner talks Dad's and raising men on today's program

166 Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke “Love That Lasts” REBEL Parenting

March 20, 2019

Youtube sensation Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke talk marriage!

164 Sarah Beckman "Hope In the Hard Places" REBEL Parenting

March 15, 2019

What to do when you're in crisis