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Welcome Back Ryan!

Welcome back Ryan glad you are well. Missed the podcast!

Raw, real, fun, educational!

I love this podcast for so many reasons - the main ones being as a mama of young kids, staying “up to date” in what’s happening in our world without being overwhelmed is possible with Ryan and Laura. I’ve also purchased many books after interviews with authors they’ve had on the show - they’re relevant AND personal. Thanks for being unafraid of mainstream media - OR trying to appease a brand or cultural perspective but staying Biblical AND real!!! - Linda, Colorado Springs, CO

Podcast listened to longest

I’ve been listening to Ryan and Laura Dobson for at least three years I believe! I love all the information and guest speakers they have on parenting. Also love the mom episodes. I can just relate to everything they talk about (sex, add, internet safety,...). More recently, I love Ryan’s political summaries of what’s been really going on. I believe he’s spot on. Love their passion and continuing education!

One of the best Podcasts!

This podcast is authentic and down to earth and really practical. Ryan and Laura, and Producer K. Keep it real, and it's not just something to listen too, I learn something on every podcast. Thank you Ryan and Laura for all you do!

Game Changer

This podcast and perspective have changed my heart and parenting style. No subject is off limits... even the really awkward/deep topics that “Christians” are too afraid to confront. It’s so relatable, empowering and Spirit inspired. Ryan and Laura are so raw, honest, and passionate for healthy families. Thank you for all you’re doing to revolutionize the family for God’s glory!

Thank you

Amazing show, very VERY real and relative! Would like to hear the view from a family member or a wife of someone who stuck it out and why? How? What helps the person who is the victim or being abused, stay in faith to believe the person they love will change?

We need MORE of this as parents

This honesty is exactly what we need as parents, it’s the real stuff that helps!!

Down to Earth, Real and Tangible

Ryan and Laura have an authentic voice that's often missing in today's church. Despite his "celebrity" Ryan doesn't hide behind easy to discuss topics, and I love their banter and love for each other. Great guests - top notch talent and voices of today! A must subscribe.

One of my favorite podcasts!

Relevant and refreshing. There has been a lot of wisdom offered and so much insight into real life, faith-based parenting on this podcast. I so appreciate all of it and look forward to each new broadcast!!

A must listen

Great practical and very useable advice for your marriage and raising kids. Even the best marriage and parents need help and advice from time to time. Give them a listen!

Great advice for parents!

The guests this season have been really awesome. I'm a parent of 3 teenage girls, and all of the topics have been relatable, and the advice given very helpful. I listen during my commute home from work, and it just puts me in the best mindset as I walk into the house and see my family. The shows have also created a great dialogue between my husband and I about how we're handling and managing our relationship as parents. Great stuff!! Overall, the show has been a blessing. I recommend this show to all parents. The Christian message is definitely there and present, but it's not shoved down your throat. Overall, very helpful and relatable.


Full of wisdom and fun. Keep up the good work!!!

Ryan and Laura, great combo

I've listened to Ryan's podcasts in the past (back to the Kor kast days), I miss hearing his voice when he's between projects I can follow. This podcast is great! Ryan and Laura work together wonderfully. Hearing "Nothing is off the table" regarding topics and content is just what I expect from Ryan. Covering tough topics because life is tough.

So thankful to have found this!

I loved listening to Ryan on the podcast with his dad, Dr. James Dobson and missed hearing his input. I saw that Victor Marx was on the show today and had to come find it! Such a blessing the work you do!

Common sense podcast with Ryan Dobson

I've been listening to Ryan's podcasting since the Korcast and Grounded With Ryan Dobson days, and now with Ral Life. In a podcast format Ryan can say what he thinks without concern for donors' sensibilities, and that's exactly what I want. I love Family talk with his dad, but that show features differenct content overall and in a radio-friendly format. Real Life gives you "Real Ryan".