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October 11, 2021

Where have we been?!?

It's been 8 months since we last posted. Here's an update.

October 05, 2021

William Lane Craig

Philosopher and apologist William Lane Craig from Reasonable Faith peers back into the past, attempting to discover the historical Adam. What can we know? Listen to every episode of the Dr. Jeff Show wherever you listen to podcasts. More episodes of the

July 07, 2021

Supercharge Your Marriage!

Join Ryan & Laura Dobson as they talk about what has made their marriage GREAT!

May 18, 2021

Investing In Your Marriage & Why It Matters

Ryan & Laura started off their marriage with BAGGAGE!! Ryan had been married & divorced and Laura's parents divorced when she was in High School. How do two broken people make a marriage and family work? By INVESTING in their marriage! The investment is W

March 24, 2021

379 "Active Shooters & How to Protect Your Family" REBEL Parenting

Ryan discusses the recent shooting in Boulder, CO and tells listeners what to do if they find themselves in that horrible situation. He also talks about the politicization of events like this. What to look for in language meant to cause fear in the popula

March 12, 2021

378 "Learning, Vulnerability, Intimacy and how feeling 'foolish' can improve all three!!" REBEL Parenting

On today's episode Ryan dives into the science of learning. When learning something new, often the process involves feeling and looking silly or foolish. When we avoid those feelings it halts our learning process. Our kids go through this all the time thr

March 05, 2021


We're talking how to create deeper, more fulfilled, connected, intimate, life giving relationships in marriage and parenting on REBEL Parenting today! Ryan is back with another banger!

February 16, 2021

376 "We're BACK!! State of the Union" REBEL Parenting

We're back from hiatus and ready to roll! How can we as spouses and parents handle all the chaos around us? Ryan shares a great message to encourage all of us in these trying times!

August 07, 2020

375 REBEL Commentary with Ryan Dobson REBEL Parenting

Ryan is back from Summer break discussing "Honesty in Marriage & Parenting, Millennials, the Election, BLM, COVID-19, Drive In Movies and more!!

July 16, 2020

374 Mom's On the Mic with guest Wendy Pope "Hidden Potential" REBEL Parenting

Another great Mom's On the Mic episode here on REBEL Parenting with author Wendy Pope!

July 11, 2020

373 Mom's On the Mic with guest Jennifer Allwood "Fear is Not the Boss of You" REBEL Parenting

Awesome Mom's On the Mic episode with author Jennifer Allwood!

July 03, 2020

372 Mom's On the Mic with guests Michelle Medlock Adams & Bethany Jett- "They Call Me Mom" REBEL Parenting

Great Mom's On the Mic episode with Laura Dobson & Kristin Chadwick!

June 11, 2020

371 Jamie Sumner "Eat, Sleep, Save the World" (Words of Encouragement for the Special Needs Parent) REBEL Parenting

Amazing Mom, Jamie Sumner talks about advocating for your children and offers advice and encouragement for parents with kids with special needs

June 02, 2020

369 REBEL Live "Protests, Riots, & Racism" REBEL Parenting

Let's have an honest conversation about what is happening today in America.

May 30, 2020

368 Wendy Speake "Kids & Quarantine, and Quarantine & Addiction" REBEL Parenting

This is an amazing conversation with parenting expert, Wendy Speake. We talk about the tolls being taken on our kids during this quarantine and then transition into addiction struggles in the midst of the lockdown.

May 21, 2020

367 Tricia Goyer "First Time Homeschooling / Distance Learning" REBEL Parenting

40% of Americans now considering continuing homeschooling their kids. How do you start and what is important? Expert, Tricia Goyer helps us all!

May 18, 2020

366 REBEL Commentary REBEL Parenting

It's time to be honest about the lockdown. Ryan reads an Op Ed by Dennis Prager "The World Wide Lockdown May Be the Greatest Mistake in History" The World is turning on China, Mental Health, Home Schooling, and what POLLS really mean. All this and more on

May 14, 2020

365 Dr. Kathy Koch "Graceful Parenting During the Quarantine"

The lockdown has been tough. Dr. Kathy Koch talks about the grace we all need to give ourselves and our kids during these trying times. Great advice and wisdom from one of our favorite Dr.'s!

May 07, 2020

364 Sharon Jaynes “Sexual Intimacy” REBEL Parenting

Come on, you're stuck at home 24/7 maybe it's time to get back in the bedroom!

May 06, 2020

362 REBEL Commentary REBEL Parenting

WE've got the LINKS! Documentaries, Home Safe, Movies, and Meteor Showers! Also, what's really happening in and with China?!

May 06, 2020

263 Shaunti Feldhahn "Talking Money With Your Spouse" REBEL Parenting

This isn't a show about budgeting it's about the act of talking about money with our spouses. Dave Ramsey is the budget king. This program gets to the roots of why it's so hard to talk about money. Shaunti is BRILLIANT!!

April 30, 2020

361 Amy E. Ford “How to Walk Through Loss With Your Child” REBEL Parenting

Kids around the world are experiencing grief and loss due to the quarantine and lockdown. From missing friends & teachers at school, to missing out on graduation & proms. Amy Ford helps us navigate these waters and build deeper relationships with our kids

April 29, 2020

360 Karen Buckwalter "Parenting the difficult child under the lockdown" REBEL Parenting

Parenting under quarantine can be a challenge, and even more so if your child has a stronger spirit. Karen Buckwalter drops great wisdom for ALL parents during this lockdown!